Gold Star is the project of Los Angeles based songwriter Marlon Rabenreither.
Gold Star debuted with a five-song EP of gently spaced-out Americana, and now Rabenreither has completed work on the debut album “Dark Days”, which was produced and mixed by Nicolas Jodoin (BRMC, The Morlocks) and mastered by Pete Lyman (No Age, BRMC, White Fence).

“Gold Star is not a million miles from the Dream-Indie vibe associated with his fabulous ‘Sister Ruby Band’ – Unplugged and inspired twists of Alt-Country, refusing to be erased with lazy fretwork and over
enhanced technology. Rabenreither is a truly convincing Western troubadour.”
[ Mojophenia ]

Gold Star have recently opened for Lucinda Williams and Black Lips and will be announcing US tour dates soon.